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Promote your Garage and Estate Sales with a classified listing in your local newspaper and on their website
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Advertising your Garage and Estate Sales

Starting at $5.00
What you get
  • Print classified listing publishing in Poway News Chieftain, Rancho Bernardo News Journal
  • Online 7 days on your local newspaper website
  • Online upsell options for Premium "Top Ad" or "Feature Ad" placement and additional online photos.


Other Reach Options

  • North Coastal Bundle (North Coastal Group, Encinitas Advocate and Rancho Santa Fe Review)
  • North Inland Bundle (Pomerado News and Ramona Sentinel) 
  • Premium Bundle - Reach all regions
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Thursday9AM Monday
For deadline extension options for all publications except for Ramona Sentinel call 858-218-7200 or 800-914-6434.

No refunds once your ad appears online.

All ads must be prepaid


One-column listing 


Target Pomerado News readers or choose the Premium Bundle for maximum reach

Reach details

Poway News Chieftain

14,902 Distribution

29,804 Readership

$155,877 Average HHI

59% % of HH earning +$100k

43.6 Median Age

60% College Educated

Rancho Bernardo News Journal

16,731 Distribution

33,462 Readership

$161,349 Average HHI

65% % of HH earning +$100k

40.9 Median Age

72% College Educated

All 9 Publications

  • Distribution: 116,817
  • Readership: 264,974

Demographic data: U.S. Census Bureau, ESRI forecasts for 2021

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