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Promote your Garage and Estate Sales with a classified listing in your local newspaper and on their website
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Advertising your Garage and Estate Sales

Starting at $5.00
What you get
  • Print classified listing publishing in Poway News Chieftain, Rancho Bernardo News Journal
  • Online 7 days on your local newspaper website
  • Online upsell options for Premium "Top Ad" or "Feature Ad" placement and additional online photos.


Other Reach Options

  • North Coastal Bundle (North Coastal Group, Encinitas Advocate and Rancho Santa Fe Review)
  • North Inland Bundle (Pomerado News and Ramona Sentinel) 
  • Premium Bundle - Reach all regions
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Print Deadlines vary by the publication. The earliest publication with the earliest deadline will be chosen. The calendar used for scheduling your ad will only display start dates that are not past deadline.

No refunds once your ad appears online.

All ads must be prepaid


One-column listing 


Target Pomerado News readers or choose the Premium Bundle for maximum reach

Reach details

Poway News Chieftain

14,902 Distribution

29,804 Readership

$155,877 Average HHI

59% % of HH earning +$100k

43.6 Median Age

60% College Educated

Rancho Bernardo News Journal

16,731 Distribution

33,462 Readership

$161,349 Average HHI

65% % of HH earning +$100k

40.9 Median Age

72% College Educated

All 9 Publications

  • Distribution: 116,817
  • Readership: 264,974

Demographic data: U.S. Census Bureau, ESRI forecasts for 2021

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